Blue Light Blocking 
Night Reading Light

  • Blocks 99.95% blue light | Protects your sleeping cycle

  • Creates candle like ambience | Allows for comfortable night reads

  • Replaces blue emitting screens | Lets you go to sleep naturally

The Ultimate Gift For Readers!

People who read books have a larger vocabulary,  are less stressed and more open to the new ideas.

(5/5 from 2,315+ readers)

Read & work at night without disrupting sleep

Let's others in the room sleep peacefully

Gentle amber hue makes reading 10x more fun

Blue Light From Digital Screens 


Amber Light Fixes That ! 

Amber Light blocks harmful blue light and also creates a beautiful candle ambience for night-time reads.

Just clip it to your favorite Book, E-Reader or Desk to work at night, knowing that you will have a quality nights' rest!


"Hands down the best sleep product I've ever used. I work with screens all day and reading with an amber light helps me unwind before bed. I can't imagine going to sleep without one."

- Ellie Hubbard

"This light is exactlywhat I needed for my little girl, so she could read at night without disturbing her little sisters. The Amber color of the light is perfect and the dimmer setting is just what we needed."

- Debbie K


I have insomnia and have resorted to reading and writing at night but have found that most lights have a tendency to keep me awake longer. Using this light has helped cut down on the time it takes me to fall asleep and seems to improve my ability to wind down and my brain to calm and be relaxed allowing me to get to sleep faster by doing this activity. I highly recommend this light and I will be buying more of these for my children to use during their bedtime reading as well.

- Shirley

The product is well made secures easily to the book and does not slide off. I was skeptical of the amber-colored light and being able to read for a long period of time at night. It actually is really soothing on the eyes and helps you better fall asleep easier. It comes with three brightness levels, but really the first mode is plenty of brightness in my opinion. On level 1 battery life is excellent. I have not tested battery life on the two brightest levels. 

- Myra

Bought this for my 8 year old daughter to be able to read in bed when she's having trouble falling asleep. So far she loves it. The different brightness levels are great. I love that it's orange light so it doesn't disturb her circadian rhythm. We've only had it a few days but the battery life seems great. Easy to charge. Easy to use.

- Amanada

I love the fact that it stays clipped to my book and I can read late at night while my hubby sleeps without disturbing him. Since it is rechargeable, I don’t have to buy batteries. I have read every night for the past two weeks, and I still haven’t had to charge it once. The light is more amber colored, my husband thinks it looks a little but like a car blinker color lol, but I can read by it just fine, and my eyes don’t seem tired. 

- Allison Folie

I read a lot at night and my previous book light was affecting my eyes prior to trying to fall asleep. This is the perfect book light - it’s lightweight, rechargeable, and doesn’t interfere with being able to fall asleep. I love that it’s rechargeable and that is has three different brightness levels. 

-  Miki

I just got this and I cannot tell you how much I already love it!!! Even my husband likes it! Before this light I was using a table lamp behind the couch to try and read while he watched tv and he hated it since it left a glare on the tv. But last night we both got to enjoy relaxing together, him watching his show and me reading in the same room! Definitely worth it!

-  Britanny Melton

I can finally read at night without disrupting my kids sleep cycle while they're laying beside me. Amber light induces sleepiness! It's brightness level is adjustable and I find the lowest setting is ample light on my book. I've been reading every night for a week and haven't needed to charge it again yet! Great little light.

-  Lori Jakubowski

I have to order more because my kids are always snagging mine! We love it!

-  Shanta

"My son uses this light to read in bed. His little brother sleeps in the same room. It’s been nice to be able to plug it in and recharge instead of blow through batteries when the light runs out. He thinks it’s a little too bright as sometimes it keeps his brother awake. But overall it’s a great light, the amber color is nice and gentle on the eyes but bright enough he can read what he needs to."

- B. Simpson

This is the best book light! First, the charge lasts a very long time. Second, the amber light is perfect for late night reading. It is bright enough but also allows your eyes to adjust for sleep. The clip is strong and the arm flexes very easily.

I had been searching for a rechargeable light after blowing through so many batteries in other lights. These are the best. I will now be giving them as gifts.

- Mary Fischer

This is the best book light! First, the charge lasts a very long time. Second, the amber light is perfect for late night reading. It is bright enough but also allows your eyes to adjust for sleep. The clip is strong and the arm flexes very easily.

I had been searching for a rechargeable light after blowing through so many batteries in other lights. These are the best. I will now be giving them as gifts.

- Sheila B.

I bought this reading light because I am usually up late and wanting to read, but my husband has to be up very early for work! I needed a light that would be bright enough to let me read, but not wake my husband. Let me tell you....this light is PERFECT!! It's amber color keeps me from waking my husband and that is so much more than I could have ever asked for for the price!!! The battery lasts a very long time on the lowest light setting, which also surprised me because I could ACTUALLY READ with it set to its lowest light setting!!! I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying another in the future!!

- Jessica C

After just a few minutes of use I’m a fan of the amber coloring. I’m often trying to read 10-15 minutes at night and white lights are super straining on the eyes, but this does an incredible job of giving plenty of light without the strain.

I’m excited to give it a more thorough test, but very excited out of the box!

- Graham S.

Works great. Very bendable and sturdy. I bend it down to use as a book mark when I'm done reading. The 3 level lights are great. It really is easier on my eyes. Love it.

- Tai K.

I love to read before bed but hated having to leave a light on from the bathroom. I also struggle with winding down so I didn’t want anything bright or blue light. This is a little orange but it makes it dim enough to not bother my husband but bright enough for me to read. I love it!

-  Susan H

2,315 readers love our lights

Your Questions, Answered.

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Will reading at night bother others  ?

No, it will not bother people sleeping in the same room. With 3 brightness settings you can choose your preferred brightness. Additionally with the adjustable neck, you can direct the light directly on to the pages so your sleeping partner goes undisturbed. 

How long does the battery last on each charge?

You can read upwards of 30 hours at 25% brightness. And it only takes 2 hours to charge to full. Remember to charge your light to full before your first use.

Can I gift an Amber Light?

Yes, all of our products are giftable, with high quality packaging and friendly tips on how to use our products included with every purchase. Amber book lights make great gifts for bookworms or those who want to replace harmful digital habits with a healthy one.

What is your return policy and warranty?

If we are unable to deliver on our promises we have a 30-day return policy from date of delivery and a 12 month product warranty.*  
So you're covered if you're not satisfied, but we try extra hard to make sure you and your loved ones enjoy reading with us. 

You can email me at for any questions or concerns :)

Can I buy an Amber Book Light anytime of the year ?

Unfortunately no. Due to growing demand we often run out of stock and our products become unavailable. 



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