Close Out Your Evenings With A Night Time Read

We believe in changing the status quo of health by adopting healthier alternatives to unhealthy habits . Keeping away from harmful blue light has become essential in the digital age and returning the body to its balance. Our mission is to provide an alternative to screens that is both healthy for the mind and the body.

“A must have for any book reader.”

Improve Quality of Sleep


Backed by Science !

  • Digital screens  disrupt sleep at night because they emit blue light, and this  also regularly cause eye fatigue and headaches.

  • Reading before bed has a similar effect as meditation. Does not over-stimulate the mind the same way technology does.

  • Amber Reading Light is engineered to block harmful blue light and also create a beautiful candle ambience that is perfect for night-time reads.

  • Actual graph of light emitted during Amber Light+ testing